UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are the most cost- and energy-effective choice for your window frames, because they conserve heat like no other material. They are strong, versatile, and low maintenance, perfect for the family home. They have been widely used to replace single glazing windows with double glazing and use a plastic-like material instead of the traditional painted wood. This means they never need repainting and maintaining, because all they need is a quick surface clean to keep them looking their best.

Easy to maintain, energy efficient, and cost-effective, UPVC windows with Dutton & Bailey are a sound choice for any homeowner.


The Benefits of UPVC Windows

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Cost-effective whilst still performing
  • Lets natural light in, but doesn’t let heat out
  • Very low maintenance in their appearance and working order
  • Available in double glazing


Energy Efficient UPVC Windows

Because of their material and how they are made, UPVC windows are extremely energy efficient. They form a tight seal against the outside world, conserving your heat in your home and therefore lessening the need for constant heating and boiler usage. This could even result in a decrease in your energy bills! As well as this, the wind and the wet are also kept out as too is condensation, keeping your home free from creeping damp and chill. Whilst still letting in plenty of natural light energy from the outside, your UPVC windows will make sure that less heat energy escapes so you can stay cosy indoors.


Choose Dutton & Bailey for your UPVC Windows

When you’re seeking new energy efficient windows in Altrincham, contact the team at Dutton & Bailey. Established in 1987, we have decades of experience in installing UPVC windows for your home and conservatory. We’ll gladly provide you with a price quote and professional advice regarding this latest addition to your home. Contact Us today or call us directly on __ to speak to a member of our team tomorrow.