Crittall Windows

Bespoke Crittall Windows Altrincham 

Here at Dutton & Bailey, we proudly provide and install Crittall windows in Altrincham and its wider surrounding areas. 


Founded in 1889 by Essex born ironmonger Henry Crittall, Crittall Windows are a classically timeless addition to keep your residence looking bright, beautiful and pristine all year, every year. Requests for Crittall window installation have increased dramatically over the recent years, with more and more wishing to implement this classic design into their home and business decor. Crittall windows are featured in notable constructions such as the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London and even the RMS Titanic.


Why Choose Crittall Windows?

Crittall windows are made with longevity in mind, and are specifically designed to be durable; most Crittall windows last for up to 60 years or more, and are galvanised to protect against rusting and warping when exposed to the elements. Crittall windows are also powder-coated, meaning that there is no need to repaint your window frames, as the finish lasts for between 25-30 years!

Made from 100% recycled steel, and completely recyclable after removal, Crittall windows are not only great for your residence’s appearance, but are also brilliant for the environment. Their double-glazing also means that they are an excellent way to keep your home thermally efficient, whilst also meeting the latest building standards, and saving you costs in the long term!


A Super-Chic & High-End Look

They suit most building styles, and are particularly good as extensions to your commercial or residential property, and are a very effective way to add class and style to your residence. With little maintenance required after installation, and Dutton & Bailey’s dedicated team of Crittall installation professionals, it has never been easier to create your dream home.


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