Safe Windows



Self-locating hinge Locks

Each stainless steel friction hinge is tested to 20,000 cycles and incorporates a captive head providing additional security, smooth engagement and weather sealing.

Roller cams

Stainless steel mushroom head rollers operated by the New Belvedere gearbox, provide unrivalled security and reliability. Upon closing the window, these roller cams slide easily and securely into the roller cam keeps in either the fully closed or vented position allowing air to circulate in and out of the house whilst remaining secure.


Heavy gauge, stainless steel shootbolts provide corrosion resistance and high security to New Belvedere windows. All have been tested and have successfully achieved the prestigious BS 7950 criteria for advanced window security. The shootbolts locate securely into their equally strong keeps at the top and bottom of the frame.

Reverse Wedges

Added compression and weather rating is sometimes required. All opening casements over 1000mm will have reverse wedges fitted as standard half-way down the hinge side ensuring complete weather seals every time the window is closed.

Door Bolts

This optional feature can be positioned at both single or dual points on the door and has been tested to withstand the most stringent of all forced entry attempts. The heavy steel construction and extra wide base plate provides added stability to the door stash profile when under attack. Working in conjunction with the high security lock and hinges which are fitted as standard on New Belvedere doors, it will ensure that your home remains safe and secure at all times.

Tusklok ®

The patented and unique Tusklok ® provides the highest level of security on the hinge side of the New Belvedere system. This standard feature is fitted alongside every hinge irrespective of the opening vent size. The Tusklok ® works by gripping a specially prepared edge of the window sash at such an angle as to eliminate any chance of the sash being pulled away from the frame