Why Secondary Glazing is The Smartest Home Improvement You’ll Make This Year

Live in a property fitted with single glazing and not only will you experience excess noise levels, the dwelling will be colder, and you’ll be losing a great deal of heat which can also mean larger utility bills. Single glazing is the most inefficient type of glass, it’s terrible from an insulation perspective, and your home will act as a sponge for outside noise, caused by traffic and natural environments.

These are just some of the negatives of single glazing, and by not replacing or updating your windows, your home is at risk, and certainly won’t be as cozy or comfortable as it could be.

One option to prevent such issues is to update the glazing at your home, and by fitting secondary glazing, you can address some of these issues and make your property snug, warm and inviting.

There are many advantages to installing secondary glazing, and should you wish to create the most comfortable environment at home, we suggest you consider this improvement for the following benefits.

Improve sound insulation

Excess noise is instantly deadened once secondary glazing is installed, so this is a must-fit option if you find the sound levels in your property are driving you up the wall. Once fitted, you will notice the noise levels are dramatically reduced and the environment is far more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. The before and after differences are quite remarkable, and after you have fitted extra glazing and realised what a difference they make, you’ll wonder how you coped without them for so long.   

Reduce heat loss

Single glazing is terrible for energy efficiency. It doesn’t retain heat, makes your home colder, and gives you larger energy bills. Add another layer of glass and this helps to keep heat in the home making the property warmer and more appealing. Helping to reduce draughts and acting as a barrier to heat, you’ll soon feel toasty once you have fitted secondary glazing.

Enhance security

We know that secondary glazing is good for making your home warmer and quieter, but did you know it can also improve the levels of security at the property too? Fully fixed into position for protection and security, you are actively enhancing home defence measures when you install this type of feature. Add an extra layer of glazing to maximise property security and feel safer and more at ease in your home.

It looks good too

Thanks to the aesthetic appeal of secondary glazing, it’s a popular option for listed buildings and conservation areas. Blending in seamlessly with traditional window features, glazing of this nature is subtle, stylish but very effective. With many options to select and a choice of PVC or aluminium windows in 4mm or 6mm float or toughened safety glass as standard, you can’t go wrong with this type of glazing material.

Consider secondary glazing as a cost-effective way to add sound insulation, improve heating and save money on utility bills. We can supply and fit this for you here at Dutton & Bailey, so why not find out more about his today?

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