The Basics of Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are a modern and stylish way of opening up your home and merging the indoors with your garden. If you’ve made the decision that bi-folding doors are the perfect addition to your home, the next step is finding out where to begin. Here at Dutton & Bailey Ltd., we encourage all our customers think about a few different considerations before purchasing a set of shiny, new bi-folds.

Taking some time to understand how to start the journey of purchasing your bi-folding doors will save you lots of time and energy later on.

Decide which material will suit you best

Bi-folding doors come in a variety of different materials, all with their own properties and it’s essential that you choose the material of your bi-folding doors based on your lifestyle. u-PVC is great if you want to add bi-folding doors on a budget, timber offers a warm and traditional finish, and aluminium combines low maintenance and quality.

If you have a period or listed home, or you live in a conservation area, you’ll have to contact your Local Authority to ensure that your bi-folding doors are acceptable.

Measure up and decide on your aperture

The chances are when you’ve thought about bi-folding doors, you’ve always imaged them in a particular wall, and now that you’ve decided to purchase them you’ll have to measure the space (or aperture) in which you want them to sit.

Most people choose to locate their bi-folding doors in a wall that will lead onto their garden, so they can open them up during the summer – perfect for letting in fresh air, and entertaining. In the winter, bi-folding doors can let in ample amounts of natural light, much needed in the colder months.

Bi-folding doors are also a great way to open up the interiors of your home, creating an open plan living area whilst ensuring you can still close rooms off whenever you need to.

Once you’ve decided the location and size of your ideal bi-folding doors, you’ll need to record the measurements in millimetres (mm), so you can call around different companies for a quotation.

Choosing a company

Once you know what you want your doors to be made from, how big you want them and whereabouts in your home you want them, you’re ready to call around for quotes from different companies. There are so many companies that offer bi-folding doors that it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed, but there are a few ways you can cut things down.

When you’re ready to collect quotes, ask around your family, friends and colleagues to see if they have any recommendations – people only recommend companies who offer exceptional quality and service. Secondly, take a look at the testimonials about companies before calling them – you should be looking for a friendly and honest company consistently being praised for their high quality workmanship and materials, as well as customer service.

Here at Dutton and Bailey, we work throughout Altrincham and Cheshire to provide excellent bi-folding doors that help to merge indoor and outdoor living. We’re passionate about helping our clients to make home improvements the whole family will enjoy and we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

If you’ve decided to add bi-folding doors to your home and want to speak to a company you can rely on to deliver the very best results, call us today on 0161 942 9777 or email